Friday, October 1, 2010

Keep Cool with Coolidge

This past week has been a hot one in sunny California (uh, because when isn't it hot around here?).  In keeping with the weather, I figured I'd post a few tips for staying cool in the heat.
  1. Keep a damp washcloth around.  Bonus points if it's under the breeze of a fan, because evaporation keeps water cool.
  2. For fun relief from the heat, go swimming.  The human body loses heat faster to water than to air, yet there was hardly anyone at the pool over the past week.  Also, while I haven't experimented, I'm pretty sure sitting on the pool deck in a bikini without ever getting in the water isn't quite as effective.  It is an effective way to dry off after a dip if its hot enough, so don't be afraid to get in and cool off before you sunbathe!
  3. If you want a cooler breeze than your fan is allowing, put a frozen water bottle in front of your fan.  Since ice melting is an endothermic reaction, it takes in heat as it happens, leaving the air around it cold.  You can very easily use your fan to direct this cold air towards you.  You don't even have to use a frozen water bottle, other forms of ice will work as well... except ice-nine.  Note: if you really want to keep your room cool, use someone else's freezer.  Freezers give off more heat when they're trying to freeze more stuff.
  4. On the topic of freezers, you should also keep in mind the saying "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen".  If you want to keep cool, don't cook!  At the very least, only make food that doesn't need to be heated.  If your food needs to be heated, don't bother.  Heat is, in most cases, a good excuse to be lazy.  Just don't use that excuse on your homework.  I doubt teachers will like it any more than they like "snow was in the forecast, so I assumed we wouldn't have school".
  5. Possibly the most way to keep cool: befriend people with air conditioning, and move in.  Temporarily, of course.  Moving in, that is.  Don't be a hot-weather friend.  That's just not nice.
Now that its drizzling with thunder and lightning, I guess this post is kind of a moot point.  On the other hand, its still pretty warm out...

Also, if know where the title came from, here's a song.  If you don't, it's a presidential campaign slogan from 1924.  Now you know, so check out the song.

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