Friday, October 15, 2010

Putting the Cap on (bad puns...)

I registered my blog for Blog Action Day (which is today).  Basically, its a day where everyone blogs about the same issue.  This year the theme is water.

"Cool" I thought.  "I can find something to say about water!"  They even give suggestions for topics you might want to talk about, with more information so you're actually somewhat informed.

Then I went to a lecture last night, a part of a series on sustainability.  The lecturer had 3 main points. First, that energy is the only issue we should be concerned about right now.  Second, that if we continue without any action on clean energy, the situation is dire.  Third, there's currently no way to solve the energy problem and power our planet sustainably.

With this in mind, I wasn't terribly enthusiastic about trying to write about water.  But I was still determined.  Hence my topic.

As we left the lecture, I started discussing sustainable products with someone - basically trying to say they existed.  She said the whole thing is up to the corporations.  I said its up to the customers.  She said the customers will want whatever is cheapest.  I said that's not necessarily true.

What I forgot to point out was that, sometimes, the more sustainable option is the cheaper option.  Such is the case with saying no to bottled water: drinking tap water in a reusable cup or bottle produces less waste and requires less materials to make than bottled water.  It's also significantly cheaper.  But... I hope I didn't have to tell you that.

Anyways, I'm glad to see that some cities are cutting bottled water spending.  Its an easy, cheap thing we can do.

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  1. I enjoyed your post reminding about bottled water consumption. Thanks for standing up with human rights rather than allow this "authoritarian" figure to think her viewpoint was the only right. Words with hugs from you...