Thursday, April 14, 2011

The kind of professor you really want...

As I write this, there are two essays I should really be working on.  Both are supposed to be 4+ pages, which isn't really that bad.  One is due Tuesday, which I haven't started or really even thought about yet.  The other was due a week ago.  I need to do analysis on data I got from a survey.  I've written an introduction and sorted my data in an Excel spreadsheet.  Both are for the same class: Psychology of Women.  A number of my classmates are at the same point I am.  So I guess I'm not really worried.

Earlier this semester, I got a sage piece of advice from a current senior.  She told me, when picking classes, that I should email the professors of these classes and ask for a syllabus.  That way I have a good idea of the workload of the classes as well as what the class actually is about.  If the professor doesn't email you back, she said, you probably don't want to have them as a professor anyways.

I'm starting to disagree with the last point, only because I know full well my psychology professor probably wouldn't have emailed anyone back.  She's not very good with email.  She's also pretty slow at getting tests and papers back.  But she's definitely one of my favorite professors so far.

We all know that you should ask other students about professors.  You can also check  Before I came to Scripps, I talked to a former student, and asked her about professors I should and shouldn't take classes from.  My psych professor was a definitely not.

But as I'm sitting here, thinking about how I should be working on one of two essays, but not being worried about finishing them on time, I disagree.  I'm glad I didn't listen (forgot about it, actually).  I guess you should talk to more than one student about their opinion of professors to actually decide.

It's not that I've been slacking.  Man, I've hardly had a break from homework and internship applications for the past 3 weeks.  I've gone to church, and stopped doing homework in order to have fun at around 8 on Friday and Saturday nights.  I've slept decent hours, but not enough to recover from getting sick (or make up for what's starting to seem like chronic insomnia).  I simply haven't had time to get everything done without going crazy.

Luckily, I have a professor who understands that.  One who doesn't expect her students to be on top of everything when she's behind.

To all my friends about to go into college: I hope you get a professor like her sometime too.

Now to write my essay... or do math homework... maybe.

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