Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Strange title for the fifth of July, eh?

But seriously.  Did you make any?  Back in January, that is.  Or late December.

I didn't.  Well, I made a pact with someone that I wouldn't do something and neither would he, and we're going strong on that.  But officially, I made no resolutions.

Why?  Why am I talking about this now?  I know you're wondering, but here's a question... do you remember what your New Years resolutions were this year?  Are you still actively working on them?

I used to make resolutions every year - faithfully - and year after year look at my list from the previous year and find that I'd written down things that I no longer cared about by mid-March, or goals that I had met by the end of January.  So much for a whole year's resolution, yeah?

So I ditched the idea of the New Year's Resolution.  I am thinking, however, that I might start some sort of a goal book, so when I have something I want to do that would go on a resolution list, I can write it down and date it... then I'll remember what I intended, when I started trying to accomplish something, etc.

I wish I'd written down the day I decided to read the Bible from front to back.  It must have been years ago (I'm not terribly dedicated) and, just last night, I passed the halfway point.  Somewhere around Psalm 130, I think.

Of course, if you did make New Year's Resolutions... consider this your reminder to drag out the list and remind yourself of what you want to improve on.  If you're anything like me, you could probably use it.  If not, congratulations!

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