Monday, May 14, 2012

A Very Colorful Mother's Day

By some wonderful glitch, this year managed to be the first mother's day in two years that I was home for - the first which happened after finals week instead of before.

It also just happened that The Color Run was on Sunday, and, for some reason, I decided I really wanted to go.  You know, because I just love running.  As does my mom.  Oh wait, that was sarcasm.  But we went for it anyways.  Our first 5k.

The morning after getting back from school, we got ourselves up at 6 in the morning (on a Sunday, no less!) and drove out to Seattle Center to... walk... a 5k.  And get covered in colored corn starch.

Well, it turned out to be awesome.  Way more fun than my mom expected.  (Maybe even more fun than I expected, but I already know how much fun it is to be covered in colorful stuff, thank you battle tie dye...)  Everyone was just super excited (lots of high fives all around as we passed people), and having a "reward" every kilometer broke things up nicely into manageable bits.  Plus, everyone looked awesome.

The best part, however, was the color throw at the end.  They gave every runner a packet of the colored corn starch, which we were told to save for the end.  At the end of the race, they'd count down every 15 minutes to a color throw, where everyone (with a packet) would throw their color into the air.  While you were under it, it resulted in being covered in dust and having trouble breathing and seeing.  However, the view from above was spectacular, and pretty much made the whole thing even more worth it.

Oh, and one more thing?  My mom is awesome.  Awesome for trusting me that we'd enjoy this event, and awesome in general.  That's all...

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