Sunday, February 3, 2013

Resolutions, month 2

At the start of the new year, I made a resolution I still intend to keep: to start a new 30 day challenge (or more) at the beginning of each month.

To hold myself accountable to that, I'm going to report on how old goals went and what new ones I'm starting right here.  I doubt anyone would remind me of this fact, should I not post at the start of a new month, but ... it'll still help.  And maybe someone will join me and be an accountability partner in a 30 day challenge.

So, my goals from last month:

1. Sweater: knitted!  I know, it doesn't look quite knitted, but I did finish the other sleeve.  I just don't like any of the pictures of myself wearing the completed sweater quite as much as I like this one.

2. Learn HTML/CSS: Still working on it.  School happened.

3. Job research and applications: still going strong.  I've put in 2 applications since the start of January, have one company I plan on applying for at some point, and one company approached me with a position I'm now interviewing for.

4. A post here and on UnintendedNachos each week: Ha.  Ha... ha... yeah, I shouldn't keep setting post rate goals for myself.  It's never going to happen.


February is going to be a really busy month, thanks to clinic (which is awesome, but time consuming).  So I don't want to make any big plans that might just make me too stressed.  A couple plans though:

1. Cut unnecessary spending: thanks to a lack of winter break paychecks and the amazing ski resorts of the Pacific Northwest, I spent a lot more money than I earned in January.  So February is going to be about reversing that.  Stick to buying food and other things I need.

2. Get back in touch: Over the summer I told myself I'd write a letter every day.  As it turns out, that's really difficult, especially because people don't often write back (so it's hard to find people to write to).  In February, I'm going to give myself an easier job in the same spirit: make an effort every day to connect with someone I don't often talk to, especially people who aren't on campus.  Just texting someone is fine.  I'll try to gather a list of people I'd like to talk to more at some point (but no, I won't be sharing that one).

3. More intense relaxation: too often I find myself spending my free time staring at the internet, wishing I could do something "fun".  Ultimately, I feel no less stressed and usually just mad at myself for wasting time.  To change that, I'm starting February with a good idea of things I really love doing and want to do more of, and that I find relaxing.  I'll carve out regular time to do those things and cut internet time, so I'm ultimately more productive and feeling better.  I've been working on this one already, and found that it's easy to stay off Facebook if I know I want to be off Facebook and I log off - giving myself an extra few seconds to think about why I want to log in.  Same goes for the rest of the sites I frequent.  Logging off pretty much cuts my desire to be on.  And the prospect of doing the relaxing things I love - knitting, reading, baking and spending meaningful time with friends - makes it easier to say no to the less relaxing things I don't like so much.

The third is a goal I think many of us could benefit from.  Does anyone want to join me?  Let me know, and we can work together!  Same goes for the other two, actually.

Here's to a fantastic month :)

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  1. Still need an accountabiliter? Text me, and my goals: One high-five per day, one poem per day written, and one bird spotted every day!