Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Not-So-Sweet August Challenge

So apparently I can't tell the difference between my two blogs.  They both have food names.  I spent a little longer than I should have trying to figure out which blog to post this on.  (And hopefully by the end of August I'll have a third going... so that'll make things even more interesting).


July went well.  I stopped walking in my hiking boots after I went camping and found them to be fairly well broken in.  That might be cheating, but... oh well.

I also haven't actually written anything in my happy journal in about a week (work is busy and I'm wiped out by the time I go to bed each night) but I feel like the process of the journal did really help improve my mood.  So I may try to keep it up.

For August, I'm going kind of on a whim.  I keep thinking I want to do something food-related, and I also keep thinking that I consume too much sugar.  That in mind, in August I'm going to be trying to cut sugar.  I'm not saying "no sugar" because... I'm not that committed.  But at least no sugar in my Cheerios in the morning.  And at least trying to find something else to eat when I'm in that mode of needing a snack.  So I guess no cinnamon toast for the month either.

We'll see how this goes...

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