Saturday, January 1, 2011

20 Weeks Later...

It seems awfully cliche to post about New Years resolutions, but I don't think I have a following that would care one way or the other.  (Also, is that supposed to be "New Year's"?  And why do I feel the need to capitalize new year anyways?)

It's been a while since I've actually made resolutions, because the past couple years the whole thing has seemed pointless.  Make goals for the whole new year?  Who *really* remembers what their resolutions are come July?  The couple times I did make new years resolutions, I wouldn't look back at them till the end of the year, only to find myself wondering why in the world my year younger self would make such silly resolutions.

But as the new year hits this ear, I'm finding there's a few things I just want to do anyways.  So these are my resolutions: goals to try to accomplish asap.

  1. Volunteer: I've always enjoyed it, but since I finished my Gold Award, I've hid from volunteering for a while.  Since I've started college, I've felt I'm too busy for anything else.  But I'm taking an easier (hopefully) semester next semester, I want to try to find something to do for the greater good of others.  A couple ideas: I've already submitted an application to work at the local cat shelter when I'm home, and I'd love to find a Girl Scout troop to help out with or something.  (Just a thought...)
  2. Be less sleepy: I recently realized I'm tired all the time.  I really don't like that.  I want to find a way to change it.
  3. Embrace adventure: I want to do exciting things.  This is related to trying to be less sleepy: I'm hoping I can find the energy to have some adventures, instead of lazing around waiting for bedtime.
  4. Knit: My friend gave me a book (hey look, I'm a link) for Christmas of knitted plushie patterns.  I'd like to try to do all of them.  Or at least most of them.
These are a few things.  Also, as per the napkins I bought for a new years party a few years back: gain ten pounds, take more naps, eat more junk food.  New years resolutions I can keep ;)

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