Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once Upon a Time

The cry of every college student who values sleep and grades:

Didn't I have a life once?

Last semester, I was overloading.  I'm still alive.  Somehow.

Then break happened, and I couldn't nearly as easily schedule in time to write blog posts.  Or be on the computer much at all.  Now that I'm back on campus, I thought it'd be easy to get started again.

I guess not.  Somehow, with a normal course load, I'm even busier than before.  This may partly be because of another venture that I'm rather more devoted to at the moment: the forum a group of church friends and I started up a few years ago.  In a burst of inspiration, we decided we wanted to have a place online where we could talk about things that interested us as Christian teenagers.  Mostly college students now, we're still trying.

Interested?  Check it out:

In other news, internships.  I'm looking for them.

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