Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poorly Written Number and a Wrong Recipe

I've spent far too large of a portion of my last 26 hours writing an essay, I'm not terribly up to actually writing a detailed post right now.  But a couple anecdotes from my day:

Gustar: in level 1 Spanish, you learn that it means "to like" and has a really strange conjugation form.  Later on, you learn that it actually means "to be pleasing (to)".  So, if I say "A mi me gusta dibujar", I'm saying "I like to draw", but I'm actually saying "Drawing is pleasing to me" or, word for word, "to me (it) is pleasing to draw".  The point of all this is that you conjugate the verb such that the thing which pleases you is the subject of the sentence, so conjugation of the verb indicates the subject of the sentence.  Today in class, the teacher asked a student why he had gotten a particular tattoo.  "Porque me gusto."
The teacher laughed.  "You just said you're pleasing to yourself..."

A Recipe: "Lightly coat a small nonstick skillet with cooking spray and cook over medium heat. Add 1/2 cup egg substitute.  Yes, that's the whole recipe.  I really hope that its safe to eat egg substitute raw.

Wrong Number:  A friend of mine taught me a trick to knowing if a call is a wrong number, now that I'm in college.  If it is from your home area code and you don't recognize it, its probably a wrong number.  So today I got a call from my home area code that wasn't one I knew.  They'd left a message.  Not like I don't have my name in my answering machine message or anything.  A message for Susan, who is on the on call list for the Psychiatric Ward at a hospital in Seattle: someone can't work tonight, so could you come in?

Nope.  Sorry.  Not qualified.  Though I'd be glad to have a job.

Oh, and a new Jesus (bread) joke: leave room for Jesus!

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