Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If I Die Young

This is one of my favorite songs of late.  They just started playing it on the radio, but it seems like its about a year old (funny how stations seem to pull that all the time).

For those of you who might be interested, apparently the band got their first actual fan mail about this song.  A young woman whose best friend had died of cancer was contemplating suicide.  She heard the song and, hearing the life it had in it, realized she still had something to live for.  She wrote them, thanking them for saving her life.

I'm wishing someone would tell all those drivers out there that there's more to live for than being in front of another car.  Watched someone run a red light on Sunday (I was about to drive out into the intersection when someone sped through.  Possibly faster than the speed limit...)  Last night, getting on the freeway at one of those annoying x's where cars getting on and cars getting off have to switch places, I sped up to get ahead of someone getting off... and I'm pretty sure she sped up too.  Because, you know, it's useful to speed up when you're heading into a sharp turn.

The most frightening example of recent impatience was today, end of rush hour, driving home from my grandma's house.  The left turn to get on the highway was on the other side of a slightly gridlocked intersection, and the light was green.  The light was green, but there was nowhere to go because of a couple too-anxious cars going the other way who were in the middle of everything.  The car in front of me decided that wasn't a problem for him, and nobody seemed to be coming in the other direction, so he drove around the gridlock.  Someone honked, and a biker on the sidewalk next to me looked seriously frightened.  We made eye contact and shuddered at the state of drivers...

I didn't get the job I was waiting to hear about, so it looks like I will have to be driving a lot this summer (running errands for my parents, volunteering all over the place, commuting some 20 min to the low paying internship I did get).  Hopefully I can make the best of it.  Hopefully my body can learn how to sleep again.  Not sure when it decided that it didn't know how to do that properly...

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