Friday, July 15, 2011

Tree Cravings

I'm down to the final hour before I leave to go camping for the weekend, and what better way to spend it than blogging.  (Okay, Minecrafting, but I don't think I have time to get into that right now).

Just a couple random updates:

I have a fully functional laptop again.  For those of you who hadn't already heard (and somehow still care to know, which I'm sure is few of you), the gravitational force between my window fan and the earth was strong enough to move the window fan.  Window fan failed to quantum tunnel through my closed laptop, resulting in a very broken screen on laptop:

I do like the way the keyboard reflects on the screen...
Screen replacement wasn't terribly much of an issue (mostly because my dad was nice enough not to make me pay for it), but it did take longer than I would have liked (a week).  I did, as you probably noticed, have access to other computers but its just not the same... I couldn't get anything substantial done.

In the meantime, my internship posted my first blog post (the second one was delayed by my broken screen).  That said, if any of you see anything remotely environment related and interesting, you should send it to me (thanks to the couple of people who already have), so I can write about it.

A couple other notes: King County Metro is surprisingly easy to use compared to merging across 5 lanes of traffic on I-5 to get off in time to be in downtown Seattle.  Not that I've dared try that yet, and at this rate, I doubt I ever will... unless Metro has to cut service like they keep saying.

My two and a half week non-voluntary Minecraft sabbatical has ended, finally.

I'm dying to be out in the middle of nature right now.  I went on a hike with my family the day before the 4th and the air was so clean and oxygen filled, I wasn't sure I could ever stand to leave it.  I'm looking forward to a weekend of easy breathing and heavy sleeping (and relaxing, and campfires, and banana boats, etc.)

Oh, and my mom bought stand-up paddleboards.  Best thing ever.  We're pretty sure we'll have our money's worth out of them by the end of the summer.  :)


  1. About the other blog post--are they going to make Oregonians have their car charged while the attendant "pumps" their charge. Because, plugging in a car every 6 or so minutes would make for the most chill job I could imagine.

    About this blog post--I agree that Metro is a good way to get around; I'll carpool out to Seattle occasionally, and leaving my car in a park and ride means that it only adds 20-30 minutes onto my journey home.
    I've been doing the Mercer Street drive-sideways every week or so, and I'll say it's not as bad as you'd think. Or, at least when you're driving a car that you can see your blind spot, and people don't block you from merging because you're driving (as my mom would say) an asSUV, it's fine. Of course, getting onto I-5 from the left side and needing to merge to get onto 405 isn't fun, either.

  2. Unfortunately, my car doesn't have the greatest blind-spot view.

    I would like to counter that people block you from merging when you drive an SUV, because I've found that the bigger vehicles are the ones most often blocking my way. It was a very large pickup that pulled ahead only after I put my turn signal on so I could get in front of it...