Monday, August 22, 2011

Murmers of Blackberries

I noticed yesterday that my flip-flops aren't quite the same color they were when I bought them.  I thought maybe I should get a new pair, but they're holding up fine... besides, there are plenty of people who can't afford to buy new shoes because theirs are slightly discolored, and I, for one, have better things to spend my money on...

Anyways, on Thursday I was hanging out at church waiting for a conference call to start.  I'd just finished my internship, and I wanted to stop by the Bellevue Market for some caramels.  However, my conference call started at the same time as the market, and I had (for some reason) not packed myself any food for the afternoon.  Which, for any of you who have not been around me when I'm hungry, was a very bad idea.

Besides raiding the church fridge (which may or may not have produced any results), and drinking lots of water (which wasn't helping), my only option was to be late to the conference call and buy something from the market... which, unfortunately, also required money.  I didn't really want to be late to my first conference call ever, so I settled for water and being too hungry to think.

I'd noticed a bench a bit away from the parking lot that I thought would be a nice place to sit while on the phone, so I headed over there a few minutes before needing to dial in.

To my surprise, there was a massive blackberry bush right next to the bench.

To my greater surprise, since we haven't really had a summer this summer, there were a lot of big, juicy, ripe blackberries.  Mmm, and I've been craving a blackberry fix.  Leaving for college in the middle of the season really hasn't helped.

In short: when hungry at church with no food, a blackberry bush appeared before me.  The Lord hath provided.

(As I looked back on the incident, I realized that I've been worrying a lot lately about whether I have enough money to pay for food for myself.  Call me crazy, but I think there might have been more meaning to the incident than was apparent at first taste.)

In other news: Amazon seems to think I'd be interested in books about food for some reason.  I wonder if its because I have a waffle maker on my wish list...

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