Friday, August 5, 2011

Seriously, people?

I'm unreasonably frustrated right now, because I tried to string together a bunch of videos I took today at the cat shelter and add music to them... I've been at it about an hour now and no luck.

Funny/depressing story from the shelter today.  This place... well, they care about cats more than people.  I won't fault them for it, its the business they're in.  They want the cats to be in good hands.  This means they have a lot of policies about who can and can't adopt which cats and when.  (No cats are allowed to go outdoors, kittens under 6 months need to be adopted in pairs, people without steady incomes cannot adopt cats, etc.)

When you have a lot of policies like these, you have a lot of people trying to get around them.  A lot of people lying.  Sometimes, through bizarre circumstances, someone gets caught.

Today I hear about a woman who lied to get a single kitten.  Not long after, they discovered what had happened and called her, demanding she bring the cat back.

To their surprise, she did.

When she showed up with the kitten, she was sobbing.  "This always happens to me!" she cried.  "Whenever I lie, I get caught!"
Life just isn't fair, is it?

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