Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Very Own Narwhal

I've been crocheting seriously for a bit over a year now, which means I've pretty much got a handle on how the basics work.  For a couple weeks, I've been thinking I want to do my own thing, so, after finishing up a batch of angry birds, I went ahead and made myself a narwhal.  My first pattern free stuffed animal!  (I'd say my first pattern free project but I made a blanket a long time ago... not that those are hard, it was just a lot of single crochet)

The pictures aren't great, but I wanted to share.  Apparently messy desks are a bad background for colorful projects... and the rug pattern in the dorm is just distracting.  But that's okay, Narwhal is cute enough to make up for it.  I believe this one is named Dick (short for Moby Dick).

Standing up on his own...

View from the front! (There's nothing on the back)
I'll be writing up a pattern over the summer (probably going to try to sell it on Ravelry), but if you want to try and make one yourself, I'll explain what I can.

The body started with a standard spiral, 6 evenly spaced increases a round until there were 36 stitches.  After about 10 rows of straight single crochet, I began to decrease 2 per round, once a couple stitches after the start of the round, once a couple stitches before the end.  (This is where I need to figure out my specific pattern, I was eyeballing it a great deal).

The fins were made in the round with increases and decreases next to each other instead of evenly spaced (so there would be two flatter sides).  The horn was from a pattern called "Charlie the Unicorn" that I actually wouldn't recommend.  The face was embroidered.

Hopefully I can manage to recreate this little guy from memory to make a pattern.  I say from memory because I sold this one... I guess I shouldn't call it "My Very Own".  Until then, it's on to a horse (the rest of Charlie the Unicorn), a few more angry birds (people keep wanting to buy them) and a huge batch of safety cones.

Over and out.

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  1. This is very nice! I like the colors a lot.