Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Obligatory (late) Post on what I'm Thankful for

First off, I must apologize for being a day late.  Yesterday was spent in the traditional Thanksgiving weekend activity of shopping, and vegetating from all the food I'd eaten the day before.

Not really... I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food, so I didn't eat much.  And my shopping rush consisted only of buying socks.  But even then... I'm glad I get enough food that I can be picky.  And that I am content with what I have already that I don't feel a need to go rush to every store to buy everything on sale.

I am glad for all the bad jokes between my friends, the homework that is painful but probably worth it, the Christmas music that starts playing way too early to remind me what's to come, and the sleepless nights that give me time to think about my life.

I'm also thankful for warm fuzzy blankets.  There's really nothing in the world like them.

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