Friday, May 6, 2011

Wait, when did Thursday end?

Nothing like good friends randomly going unconscious to mess with your mind for a day.  Though I guess I shouldn't use that as my excuse for not posting anything yesterday, since I somehow forgot to put this on my to do list for the day.  But most of that stuff got pushed aside anyways as I spent the afternoon trying to work off the adrenaline...  (Said friend is totally fine, by the way.  Nothing serious, in the end.)

This week's gone by way faster than I expected, suddenly the end of the year feels like it is going to hit me before I want it to.  I have a week to move out of my room completely.  I've packed... one box.  I'm ahead of the game, really.

But I'm scared that next Friday will hit me as quickly as today has, and I'll be left struggling to figure out what to put in boxes and what to put in suitcases, trying to keep my carry-on as light as possible so I am free to walk around the Portland airport for a while during my layover.  I'm scared that I'm gonna blink and suddenly I'll be halfway through college.

It won't be just a blink.  I have two finals to take between now and then.  Finals are rarely a fraction of a blink.

And besides, I'm only halfway through.  Two more years is a rather long time...

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