Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You know you're inside my mind when...

I talk to animals.  I mean, I'm not the kind of person who thinks animals talk back to me, but I do talk to them.  I do often think they understand me, and my talking is often in response to their behavior.  So maybe, just maybe, you could say that I talk with animals.

Usually it's the normal "hi kitty" for a cat or "hey there buddy" for a dog.  If the animal responds, I might end up having a conversation with them.  Or ordering them around, like a dog I encountered yesterday, who was not on a leash but whose owner was nearby (he was calling to her, I figured I'd help him out a bit... it almost worked).

Anyways, I was on the phone with my boyfriend last night while taking a walk.  I'd been walking for at least half an hour on rather unforgiving terrain (read: my neighborhood).  I was tired.  I saw a cat.

I don't remember how the conversation went.  I do know I interrupted myself many times, switching between the conversations with cat and boy.  I do know I was laughed at a bit.  Mostly after I was petting the cat (Miles), he started swatting me, and I said something like "oh, you don't like me touching your butt?  I'm sorry..."

Or maybe it was more after I told him (the cat) that I needed to go but hoped I'd see him again soon.  Could I see you again sometime?  Okay, bye kitty.

The cat ran off.  I kept walking, pointing myself towards home.  Normal telephone conversation could resume.  Oh, wow, that's a really pretty flower!  ...

FYI, it's summer break time.  Blogging will probably be sporadic for the next three months.  (Read: I'm playing Minecraft in my computer time.)

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